100 Days of Happiness Challenge

I don’t know if all of you have heard about the challenge named “100 Days of Happiness” but I just came across it on my Facebook feed wherein my friends post photos of things/events/people that make them happy. I think it’s pretty neat and since I am trying to create a more up to date blog, I have to think of stuff to write about that can be easily sustained. So, this challenge is perfect right? Not only will I be able to post photos but I can also have something blog about everyday that will make it easier for me to think of a topic. Woot! Here goes my first entry!

(*Note: All topics are in random order- just because it’s the first entry it doesn’t mean it’s the thing that makes me happiest! Enjoy!)

Day #1: Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising (ROVU)

I have played the Ragnarok PC Version when it first came out eons ago. My cousins and I would spend money and almost 12 hours every weekend just to play the game and level up our characters. This was not an unusual occurrence between my male cousins and I since we always did a lot of things together- from swimming, karate, video games etc… I am always grateful and I feel very blessed to have such close bonds with my cousins and I’m pretty proud to say that I am that girl who hung around guy cousins more because it’s funner, wackier and less dramas. So, when DOTA, COUNTER STRIKE, STAR CRAFT AND WAR CRAFT came out, I was with them playing in computer game stores. Eventually, our love for the PC Ragnarok version waned and I forgot about the game for awhile but still missing the game play once in a while.

Imagine just how happy and excited I was when I found out that a version of the game can be downloaded from the Apple store and played on my iPhone and iPad! I know there are more up to date PC versions of the game but I did not want to install the game in my laptop since I did not want to waste space for it. Therefore, the iOS version is absolutely perfect and I began going back into the RPG game around May 2013. My IGN (in game name) is iamkoifish (go figure! LOL)

This makes me happy because the game has become more than just an avenue to play but also meet new people and have new friends. The online gaming community is filled with people from different countries and culture but are all united under one banner. Language is a little bit difficult but has never been a hindrance or a barrier. Everyone understands the game play and it’s nice how everyone tries their best to speak English.

I am extremely happy that I met people from my own country and have gone to EB (Eyeballs) with some of them. Yes, we all consider ourselves real friends and not just online. It is also fascinating how we are able to share our lives online and live as if we are truly in a real world through ROVU!

The Bitches- my first guild and family online <3

The Bitches’ Quest to defeat Dark Lord

My New Guild online – Greed

My Online ROVU friends in the flesh :D (i’m the girl in black) One of the funnest nights of my life…These are awesome people! <3

Of course, online romance are also built through this community- some remaining strictly in-game while there are those that transcend the electronic gaming world. I know a couple of people who met in the game and then got together in the real world. I, myself, have had my shares of in-game romances and a couple of game-to-real-world relationships. Others are already in a relationship and play online as a couple as well. Currently, my boyfriend is someone who I met in the game. We have not met in person but we do video call. I’m excited to meet him soon.

Simplydhey (Priestess) and iamkoifish (Knight)- Yes, my boyfriend plays the girl character! tee-hee! Funny how people think i’m the priest in the relationship- I’m actually the knight!

Our mounts- Griffon <3

Our usual WeChat video call… my PRO FS Priest in the MALE FLESH (well, sort of…) The face behind the game character

Yes, this game does transcend the online world and real relationships can be built along with the in-game fun and adventure. It is difficult to have long distance relationships but I guess if two individuals are willing to work for it, it’s not that bad.

The only thing that I find unnerving about the game is the number of people who actually take it too seriously that they spend huge amounts of cash to buy stuff and make their characters stronger. The competition within the game is also quite fierce and there are those who really claw their way to the top. Of course, the ones who have more money (zeny, in this case) can buy better equipments so they get to be stronger. Others are so lucky they do not need money because they always get lucky with spins, promos and crafting of materials to create awesome equipments. I guess those who cannot get enough zeny and luck resort to the age old strategy- cheating! Yes, there are cheaters and scammers in this game. Apparently, thievery is practiced even in this online world. People scam other players by dealing fraudulently as well as hacking others’ accounts to get zeny and really good equipments for their characters. But I guess these conflicts make for an interesting game since you can watch people shout obscenities at each other and post nasty messages. I know it’s not really ideal but it can be quite funny.

To say that I am addicted to this game is stating a fact. I play it everyday, taking breaks only when there is no WiFi access or if I am busy with work. I can’t imagine not logging on for more than 24 hours because I will miss the people I talk with and well, my boyfriend. Perhaps the game in itself has become part of my routine and an extension of my life and who I am. I mean, I’ve always dreamt of being a ninja- in this case, a knight, slaying monsters! ROVU makes me happy and relaxes me. I steal away from the real world and jump into a pseudo-real world with great friends and adventures.

If you are currently playing ROVU as well, leave a comment and your ign- maybe we can meet each other in the game- waving flags and just smiling or do player versus player stuff. I am playing in Mimir server and my current guild is Greed.

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